Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Carefree Recap!

We're heading out for another trip tomorrow, but I still need to catch you up on Carefree!
We started off on a good note - Sangria! What can I say, Fountain Hills has created a monster (or two)! Ora may or may not have done a new original drawing titled, "Lady Sangria"...
We finally visited Chef Sara's FINISHED raw vegan cafe, and it was EPIC!
We split the combo appetizer - almond falafel, olive pate, hummus, green salad and raw vegan crackers.
I asked Sara to "surprise me" and received a WOW tower - nuts and seeds that have been soaked to release the enzymes, along with a bunch of shredded veggies - I can't even begin to tell you what was in here. It was PACKED with nutrition. Kind of an interesting/slimy texture, but I loved the crunch and the spice!
Our absolute favorite part of the meal - Tiramisu! This had a base of medjool dates and crushed almonds, topped with macadamia nut cream, Sara's homemade dark chocolate and cocoa powder. I'll go back just for the desserts - it was that amazing!

The show was a bit quiet, but we got to meet a lot of wonderful people who collect Ora's art. Many fond memories were exchanged.

Tomorrow we head off to Tempe, Arizona. We already know about Crave, the restaurant/bar across from our booth, but is there anywhere else local that we should eat??

Monday, March 14, 2011

Fountain Hills Recap!

Fountain Hills was an... exciting trip. The weekend started off wonderfully with beautiful weather and sunshine.
The calm before the storm.

Ora and I spent our days, and evenings feasting at Sofrita, our go-to restaurant that was right across from the booth.
Their winter sangria is OUT OF THIS WORLD! If you're ever in Fountain Hills, order one of those before winter is over!

Saturday and Sunday ended up being a little bit treacherous. We got warning that there would be rain and wind overnight, so we buckled, strapped and weighted down everything in the tent.
And the clouds came rolling in.
The next morning we awoke to this:
About twenty tents were completely destroyed by the storm overnight. Luckily, Ora's tent is nice and heavy, and we strapped EVERYTHING down. We didn't have so much as a loose painting.

We also experienced SNOW! For about thirty seconds on Sunday, big puffs of snow came floating down from the sky before melting instantly on the ground.

Snow in Arizona and broken glass? Yeah, that makes for an exciting trip.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Palm Springs Recap!

      We just got back from three weeks in a row on the road: Palm Springs, Fountain Hills and Carefree. Here's a quick summary of Palm Springs - the other recaps coming soon!
We set up in the rain in Palm Springs.
No one appreciated the rain, but some fared better than others.
We escaped the monsoon by going to Monsoon, a local indian restaurant. Delicious and dry!
Ora walked the catwalk in our LOVELY hotel!
Such a wonderful 180 from our "hotel" in Indio!
Kate recommended that Ora and I check out Cheeky's for brunch.
Kate, you are a GENIUS!
The BEST breakfast Ora and I have ever had!!! 

In fact, as a thank you for your amazing recommendation, Ora would like to offer you a free mini-print of your choice. 
Please e-mail us and let us know which one you'd like - we can ship it to you, or you're more than welcome to pick it up at one of our upcoming shows!

For everybody - we will be hosting more giveaways! We'll be asking for restaurant recommendations for each trip, and if a certain restaurant makes an outstanding difference in our lives (as Kate's recommendation of Cheeky's did), we'll be giving you a free mini-print!

Fountain Hills recap coming soon!