Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Carefree Recap!

We're heading out for another trip tomorrow, but I still need to catch you up on Carefree!
We started off on a good note - Sangria! What can I say, Fountain Hills has created a monster (or two)! Ora may or may not have done a new original drawing titled, "Lady Sangria"...
We finally visited Chef Sara's FINISHED raw vegan cafe, and it was EPIC!
We split the combo appetizer - almond falafel, olive pate, hummus, green salad and raw vegan crackers.
I asked Sara to "surprise me" and received a WOW tower - nuts and seeds that have been soaked to release the enzymes, along with a bunch of shredded veggies - I can't even begin to tell you what was in here. It was PACKED with nutrition. Kind of an interesting/slimy texture, but I loved the crunch and the spice!
Our absolute favorite part of the meal - Tiramisu! This had a base of medjool dates and crushed almonds, topped with macadamia nut cream, Sara's homemade dark chocolate and cocoa powder. I'll go back just for the desserts - it was that amazing!

The show was a bit quiet, but we got to meet a lot of wonderful people who collect Ora's art. Many fond memories were exchanged.

Tomorrow we head off to Tempe, Arizona. We already know about Crave, the restaurant/bar across from our booth, but is there anywhere else local that we should eat??

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