Monday, March 14, 2011

Fountain Hills Recap!

Fountain Hills was an... exciting trip. The weekend started off wonderfully with beautiful weather and sunshine.
The calm before the storm.

Ora and I spent our days, and evenings feasting at Sofrita, our go-to restaurant that was right across from the booth.
Their winter sangria is OUT OF THIS WORLD! If you're ever in Fountain Hills, order one of those before winter is over!

Saturday and Sunday ended up being a little bit treacherous. We got warning that there would be rain and wind overnight, so we buckled, strapped and weighted down everything in the tent.
And the clouds came rolling in.
The next morning we awoke to this:
About twenty tents were completely destroyed by the storm overnight. Luckily, Ora's tent is nice and heavy, and we strapped EVERYTHING down. We didn't have so much as a loose painting.

We also experienced SNOW! For about thirty seconds on Sunday, big puffs of snow came floating down from the sky before melting instantly on the ground.

Snow in Arizona and broken glass? Yeah, that makes for an exciting trip.

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